'A thorough and timely treatment of mission and evangelism in the Australian context by one of the leading authorities on faith-sharing, discipleship and outreach. This is a comprehensive treatment of these subjects, but more, it is a workbook for clergy and key leaders to engage with the opportunities that are there to reach a new generation for Christ.' Mediacom

Burning Hope aims for change in the competence, capacity and culture of the churches. We can no longer share our Christian faith the way our fathers and grandfathers did. It hasn't worked for decades, in fact the harder we try the worse it gets. Many of us have shut our mouths tight and will soon shut our doors as a consequence. Lots of leaders in churches - or those who have quit - are often heard saying that something new is needed, an emerging neo-something. Plans are then made and nothing changes. How do we get there? Burning Hope provides informed  articles, with charts and discussion questions.

If it provokes you, can I kindly say 'maybe it should?'. I am not comfortable. The Evangel is a core spiritual discipline of the church and we therefore need to plan for 'a long obedience in the same direction'. 

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Ian Robinson has been in ordained ministry since 1980, as an educator, pastor, evangelist, church planter, mentor, supervisor, desert monk and now university chaplain. He walks what he talks.

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CHARTS:Get the colour powerpoint slides of the charts in the book to use in teaching

TRAINING: Makes You Wonder exercises in discovery for leaders and small groups

ARTICLES: More relevant resources in faith-sharingcheck out Max Doubt

APPENDIX: Bible verses arranged under the four headings of Atonement

APPENDIX: The workbook for second stage of mission planning (see page 151)